Troy Buss Obituary Missouri Valley, Iowa, Troy Buss Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Troy Buss Obituary, Death – Troy Buss passed away on April 16, 2023, when he was a patient at the Bergan Mercy Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. The hospital is located in Nebraska. At the time of his passing, he had lived for a total of 54 years, six months, and 13 days. At the time of his passing, he had lived for 54 years, six months, and 13 days.

It was on April 16th, this year, to the exact minute, that he went away. At that very moment in time, he already had 54 years of life experience under his belt. Before Troy was ever born, both of his paternal grandparents had previously completed the trip across before he was even born. They had already accomplished this prior to Troy’s birth. Sharon Buss, who resides in Missouri Valley, Iowa, is one of his surviving family members.

She was married to him. Also surviving are his son, Jordan Buss, who also resides in Missouri Valley and is married to Courtney Erixon; his daughter, Jessica Buss, who is married to Jack Pfeifer; his parents, Larry and Bunny Buss, who reside in Logan, Iowa; his brother, Jason Buss (Jennifer), who resides in Modale, Iowa; and his in-laws, Robert and Mary Weis, who reside in Wood. He was preceded in death by his grandfather

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