Tina Sandoval Obituary, Greeley Co Murder, Tina Sandoval Has Died - Death Cause

Tina Sandoval Obituary, Death – Tina Sandoval passed away on March 28, 2021, at the age of 55, and following her death, she went to be with the Lord. She had a long and fruitful life. Prior to her departure, her brother Rudy Sandoval, her maternal grandparents Dora and Salvador Rodriguez, and her paternal grandparents Magealena and Candido Sandoval also left.

The family cemetery is where her maternal great-grandparents, Dora Rodriguez and Salvador Rodriguez, are laid to rest. She is the only member of her immediate family that is still living in this day and age. She is survived by her children Jerome Jojola and Francine “Fran” Ortega and spouse Fernando; her brothers Vincent Sandoval and Floyd M. Sandoval; her sisters Brenda Sandoval.

Angel Garcia and spouse Marty, and Sonya Sandoval; her grandchildren Fernando and Olivia; her ex-husband Jerry Jojola; and a large number of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. She will be greatly missed by all of her family and friends. Jerry Jojola, who had been her spouse previously, passed away before she did.

Her grandchildren had a wonderful person in Mary Tina to look up to and try to model their lives after. The presence of her children and grandchildren brought her a great deal of joy and satisfaction throughout her life. “Where is my grandson?” was usually the first question that she asked everytime she met her daughter, whether it was the first time she saw her daughter or she was visiting her daughter. This was true whether she was visiting her daughter or seeing her daughter for the first time.

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