Motorcycle Accident Columbia SC

Columbia SC Motorcycle Accident – At the intersection of Hazelwood Road and Burdell Drive in Columbia on Saturday evening, a deadly motorcycle accident happened. According to the information that was provided by the police on Sunday morning, the collision that resulted in the death of the motorcycle occurred on Hazelwood and included a car traveling south.

This incident was the first traffic fatality in Columbia that was caused by alcohol-related driving this year. Wilson is now facing a multitude of accusations, some of which include felony DUI causing death, hit and run involving death, driving under suspension for the second time, seatbelt violation, failure to provide help, open container in a motor vehicle, and possession with the intent to distribute marijuana. At this time, he is being held at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, and no bond has been established for him.

According to the police, Troy Lebrente Wilson, who is 26 years old, was driving the vehicle. Wilson attempted to take a left turn onto Burdell Drive in the direction of the eastbound lanes, but according to the city police spokesperson Jennifer Timmons, he failed to give the motorcyclist that was in his path the right of way. The front right door of Wilson’s house was hit by the motorcycle. In addition to this, she mentions that the authorities assert that Wilson fled the scene, but later returned, after which he was taken into custody.

Richland County Emergency Medical Services transported the biker to Palmetto Health Richland Hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the facility. At the time that this report was made, his name had not yet been made public. Later on Sunday, the Richland County coroner will most likely provide additional information about the incident.

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