Jerry Etheridge Obituary, Former Member Halloween Hollow Haunt Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Jerry Etheridge Obituary, Death – Because Jerry Etheridge was a dear friend of ours, all of us here at Halloween Hollow are in a state of profound melancholy upon the news of his departure. Jerry, who was famous for his quick wit and his love of clowning around, would be sorely missed not just in his job as an actor, but also in his responsibilities as a father and grandpa. Jerry was renowned for his love of clowning around and his quick wit.

He was an experienced haunt worker who has worked at a variety of various haunts in and around the middle Tennessee area during the course of his career. Brad Loftis, who served as our director of performance, was the individual who was most familiar with him. The following is a note that my friend Brad wrote to me and emailed to me… I have been in a state of severe sadness ever since I found out about the passing of my friend Jerry “BOBO” Etheridge, and this feeling has persisted ever since I got the news. Many of us have had the honor of working with him for a considerable amount of time, and we are grateful for the opportunity.

In spite of the fact that he began his career as the rodeo clown, he rose through the ranks of the haunt industry to become a legendary figure. Even though he has been forced to fight for a very long time, he has never once allowed his troubles to prohibit him from participating in the things that he enjoyed the most. He has been forced to fight for a very long time. We will all keep the memories of Scrooge McDuck with us for the rest of our lives in our hearts and spirits, and we will never stop frightening you in his honor. You have our sincere regards from everyone who has ever had the pleasure of working with you, both here at Halloween Hollow and anywhere else you’ve ever been. Brother, you are very dear to my heart. The name Bradley Loftis

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