Bob Remsberg Obituary, Bob Remsberg Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Bob Remsberg Obituary, Death – Everyone has been curious about the whereabouts of a well-known character from the early days of Channel 12 ever since the beginning of the week that just passed. Bob Remsberg, who was a photographer and worked in promotions and marketing, was the very first person I dealt with in my new position when I started working there for the very first time in 1981. This was due to the fact that he was the very first person I was given responsibility for.

Before I relocated to Richmond to start my new career, a photographer from WWBT came to my apartment in Greenville to take promotional photographs while I was still residing there. These shots were taken before I began my new job in Richmond. The events in question took occurred when I was still residing in Greenville. This had already taken place when I moved to Richmond, but I was still unaware of it. Regarding Bob, there was a question asked. Bob was the subject of the inquiry.

In addition to, and probably most famously, his welcoming smile and enthusiastic demeanor, which all became identifying features of his over time, he brought screens, a tripod, and cameras with him when he arrived. Bob was the nicest and most helpful person that anyone could ever expect to know or work with. He was an asset to anyone he came in contact with. He was unconcerned by anything that happened and was always willing to provide a hand to those who needed it. His approach was one that was warm and considerate toward others. Since Bob is no longer in pain as a result of his departure, I pray and hope that he is now able to find peace in his life. You had our love.

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