Ball State Car Accident

Ball State Car Accident – A automobile drove into an apartment that was a part of the Linden House complex in Muncie at some ungodly hour on Sunday morning. The property is named after the Linden family. At the intersection of Riverside Boulevard and Linden Street is where you’ll find this complex.

Exactly one hour and thirty-six minutes after the stroke of midnight, a call was placed to the Muncie Police Department. At the location of the incident, there were personnel from the Muncie Police Department, the University Police Department, and the Muncie Fire/EMS Department all there.

A dispatcher with the Muncie Police Department who spoke about the event stated that the driver of the vehicle that was involved in the accident was transferred to Ball Memorial Hospital. This information was obtained from the dispatcher. Jia He was inside the apartment when the collision took place, which occurred outside the building. When the event took place, he was sound asleep in his bedroom.

Which was located on the same floor as the occurrence. He had been there for some time before the event. It would appear that he did not sustain any kind of injury in any form. He asserts that his cat Maya was present in the living room at the time of the accident, but that her presence did not influence the outcome of the incident in any way. He maintains this despite the fact that Maya was in the room when the accident occurred.

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