Austintown Motorcycle Accident, Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash

Austintown Motorcycle Accident – The Canfield Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation into an accident that took place on Sunday afternoon and resulted in the death of an Austintown man. The accident is being looked into by state troopers assigned to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Frederick McNeal, who was the driver of a 2011 Hyundai Elantra and was 88 years old, walked away from the collision unscathed. McNeal was born and raised in Austintown. When we last saw Bolash, he was traveling westbound on Mahoning Avenue. McNeal was reportedly traveling in an easterly route on Mahoning Avenue when he attempted to make a left turn onto a private drive.

On Sunday afternoon around two thirty-six o’clock, a collision involving two automobiles took occurred on Mahoning Avenue, which is situated directly to the east of Victoria Road. Justin Bolash, 35 years old, was the rider of an Aprilia motorbike model 2023 when he was pulled over in Austintown.

He was pronounced dead at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital, as stated in a news release that was published by the patrol. According to the records kept by the Vindicator, this was the first person to lose their life as a result of a traffic accident in Mahoning County in 2018. In comparison, there were five cases reported during the same time period the year before.

This information was gleaned from an announcement made by the patrol. This resulted in him turning into the path that the vehicle driven by Bolash was traveling. When Bolash was trying to get away from the collision, he used the brakes, which resulted in him losing control of the motorcycle and crashing into McNeal’s vehicle. It appeared like Bolash was wearing a helmet on his head.


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