Cumference Rick Obituary, The Pacific Northwest Coach Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Andrew Clark Obituary, Death – I am writing to inform you of the passing of my cherished son, Andrew (Andy Clark), and I do it with the profoundest and most agonizing loss that a person could possibly feel. The majority of you are probably aware of the fact that he has been battling malignant brain tumors for the past two years. This is the same type of cancer that he fought against and defeated seven years ago. The first time he was given only weeks to live was in 2016, and the second time was in 2018.

He displayed extraordinary bravery and perseverance and defied the odds on many occasions. The first time he was given only weeks to live was in 2016. Despite the fact that it tears my heart, I am so incredibly proud of his incredible fortitude in the face of tragedy. He came to the conclusion that he would wage the conflict on his own terms and according to his own rules. Yesterday, one of his closest friends, Chris, spent the day with him and kept him happy, laughing, and alert for the bulk of the day.

Chris was able to do this by spending the day with him. Yesterday evening at eight o’clock, when we realized that he didn’t have much time left, we contacted his father to ask him to come be with his son. Through the course of the night, Daniel, his dad, and I each took turns being in charge of his supervision as I slept. am so sorry, Donna. Please accept my condolences during this difficult moment in your life. You and your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers at this time.

I wish that your child, who is beginning his journey toward enlightenment, is bathed in an abundance of love and light as he travels along this path. We hope that he can find peace at this difficult time. It was 6:20 this am when he went away, and the room was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace. He invited me to be there with him as he took his last breath and let me take hold of his hand throughout that time. The time has come for my lovely little boy to be able to finally sleep in peace.

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