Phil Dowdell Obituary, Phil Dowdell Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Phil Dowdell Obituary, Death – I pray that you, young guy, find the peace you seek. In the middle of Dedeville, Alabama, where a lot of people were getting shot and killed, he was one of the victims. Phil Dowdell was on schedule to graduate from high school within the next few weeks and had been offered a football scholarship to attend Jacksonville State University. He was very excited about the opportunity.

It was stated by a pastor in Dadeville that as many as 250 people were waiting outside an east Alabama hospital early this morning to hear word of loved ones who had been injured or killed in a shooting that took place at a 16-year-old’s birthday celebration. The incident took place at the home of the 16-year-old. Ben Hayes is not only the senior pastor at Dadeville First Baptist Church, but he is also the team chaplain at Dadeville High School and the chaplain for the Dadeville police department.

This is in addition to the fact that he serves as the senior pastor at Dadeville First Baptist Church. “It was a very sad, sad scene,” he said. “It was a very sad scene.” “It was a very tragic scene,” said one person. “It was a very challenging night,” said the person. A shooting that took place on Saturday evening is said to have resulted in the deaths of four people and injuries to anywhere from ten to twenty more people, according to numerous sources.

Hayes mentioned that Philstavious “Phil” Dowdell, a football player for Dadeville who had just recently committed to playing wide receiver for Jacksonville State University, was one of the casualties. Hayes also mentioned that Dowdell was one of the victims. Hayes said that Dowdell’s sister was the one who would be celebrating her birthday at the party, and Hayes said that she would be there.

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