Lorenzo Iameo Obituary, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School Vancouver British Columbia, Lorenzo Iameo is Dead– Death

Lorenzo Iameo Obituary, Death – While he was spending time with Mary Jane Byrnes, he eventually formed affections for her and married her as a result of those feelings. The happy couple ultimately welcomed four healthy children into the world together. Prior to Mr. Lorenzo’s retirement from the furniture business after many successful years in the industry, he was the proud proprietor of Dee Rose Furniture in Brick, New Jersey.

Charlie attributes all of the success that he has had in his life to the time that he spent at Seton Hall Prep, which he believes to be his most glorious years. He attributes all of the positive things that have transpired in his life to Seton Hall Prep. In recognition of all that he has accomplished in the sport of basketball, The Prep and SHU have both included him in their respective basketball halls of fame. Seton Hall Prep erected a brand new gymnasium in 2004 and honored Charlie Lorenzo by giving it the name “Charlie Lorenzo Training Facility.”

Before Mr. Lorenzo himself went away in 2011, John DeVincens, who was Mr. Lorenzo’s son-in-law, did. He is survived by his loyal wife of 59 years, Mary Jane, as well as his daughters Maryrose DeVincens of Brielle and sons Chuck (Patti) and Jay (Deborah) of Brielle, as well as Ken (Susan) of Point Pleasant Beach and Ken (Deborah) of Brielle. He also leaves behind his brothers Ken (Susan) of Point Pleasant Beach and Ken (Deborah) of Brielle.

In addition, he has grandchildren who will miss him. Stephen, Janie, Jacqueline, Jason, Alec, Sam, Jake, Katelyn, and Christopher are some of the grandchildren that belong to Charlie’s family. Other grandchildren include Jake and Katelyn. In addition to his sons Vincent Jr. and Judith Doran, his brother Vincent Lorenzo, Sr. from Mantoloking is also among those who are still with us today. Those who had the privilege of knowing Charlie will undoubtedly feel a loss after his passing.

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