Karsyn Vonegidy Car Accident Columbia, SC, Karsyn Vonegidy is Dead - Death Cause

Karsyn Vonegidy Car Accident – Since the accident, I have repeated this many times, but this time I really mean it: Karsyn VonEgidy, you are my rock, my caregiver, my partner in crime, and most importantly, my twin sister. I have said this many times since the accident, but this time I really mean it. I know I keep repeating myself, but this time I actually mean what I say. You are aware of my state of mind before I am even able to identify it for myself, which is a very remarkable ability.

There is a common misconception that twins are made up of two identical halves, however this is not the case. Because you account for three quarters of the whole and I am responsible for one quarter, it is impossible for any of us to survive without the other. I NEED YOU KAR! I come to you in prayer, Lord, because I believe that you hold the fate of my dear sister in your hands, and I also believe that you are an all-loving and all-powerful God who has the ability to move mountains.

I urge you, Lord, to plead her case and make a difference in this situation. Without her being here with me, it is impossible for me to have a living testimony. I implore you, Lord, to cure her body and give her the strength she needs to keep fighting this war. Please hear my prayer and answer it. Karsyn You are the most stubborn individual I’ve ever had to contend with in my life. I am certain that you will arrive soon, therefore I need you to maintain your dogged determination so that I may keep working toward my goal.

Because I literally would not be able to survive in this world without you, you do not have an option but to comply with my request. – You will never cease to be my Kar, and I will always be your Kirb. In perpetuity and without end. I adore you in ways that simply cannot be expressed through language.

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