Willie Mime Obituary, Willie Mime Has sadly Passed Away - Death Cause

Willie Mime Obituary, Death – I didn’t want to put anything in writing until it was clear that everyone in the family was alright with it, but I’m afraid I have to break the news to you that he passed away recently. I am doing what needs to be done, but with a heavy heart.

It was our signature song when we ministered together, and I hadn’t done it on my own in quite some time; but, now I understand why God pressed the song “God is Here” by Karen Clark Sheard so heavily into my spirit over the past few days.

Willie Dobson Mime was my brother in mime, and unfortunately, I have to be the one to tell you that he has died away. The news has left me with a heavy heart. I am sorry to have to break this news to you, but it is necessary.

Karen Clark Sheard is responsible for the song’s composition. God came down to Earth in order to free people from the chains of oppression and the heaviness of the heavy burdens they carried. Let’s continue to show each other affection and make sure we’re aware of each other’s whereabouts since you never know when your time on earth will come to an end.

That was one of the songs that God prompted me to write before I went out into ministry the following Saturday, and it is one of the songs that I will be singing when I go out into the community to minister to people on that particular day.

I would be grateful if you would join me in praying for the health of the family, and I would also pray that the blessings of God will continue to be bestowed upon each member of the family in turn. I adore you, my brother, and in the time that will pass before we are reunited.

It is my hope and prayer that you will be selected to serve as one of my guardian angels. In this manner, I will be safeguarded from any harm that may come my way in the time that will pass until we are once again together.

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