Susan Quinn Obituary, Susan Quinn Has Died - Death Cause

Susan Quinn Obituary, Death Cause – John and Susan had a happy and fulfilling marriage together that lasted for many years. Before John passed away, he and Susan had been married for a sizeable portion of their lives together as a couple.

By the time Susan and John made the decision to divorce after a prosperous and contented marriage together, they had been married for a sizeable amount of time. She was the cherished mother of Angela, Brian, and Maureen, in addition to being the mother-in-law of Pearse McAvoy and Gordon McLean.

As a result of hearing the devastating news that Susan Quinn (née McPolin), the beloved wife of John Quinn, had passed away, each and every one of us is currently experiencing a level of agony that is beyond our ability to comprehend.

All of whom have since passed away. She was also the grandmother to Pearse and Gordon’s children. Additionally, she was the grandmother of Pearse and Gordon’s children, who were her grandchildren. She was also the mother of Gordon McLean, in addition to all of this. Moreover.

In addition, she was the mother of Gordon McLean and Pearse McAvoy. Her name was Margaret McLean. Margaret McLean was her name at the time. During that time, she went by the name Margaret McLean.

To her daughter, her son, her grandchildren Mark, Laura, Rory, Gary, Michele, and Caitlin, as well as their spouses and great grandchildren, as well as to the rest of her family and friends who are mourning her passing and who are grieving her passing, our sincerest condolences are extended.

It would mean a lot to Mary and her family if you would say a prayer for them, and we would really appreciate it. Mary is honored and revered by the Gaels as their queen. At this stage, they require as much assistance as they are able to get their hands on in whatever kind.



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