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Randy Felczak Obituary ,  Death – Randy W. Felczak, who resided in Waverly and was 56 years old at the time of his untimely death on April 14, 2023, went away suddenly and unexpectedly at his home. The date of his passing was April 14. His loved ones and acquaintances were taken aback by the news of his departure.

Walter Felczak, the guy who had played the role of his father in the past, had already passed away before he did. This means that he cannot be considered his biological father. Marilyn, Randy’s mother, is still alive after her son’s passing.

Waverly resident “Gail” Felczak, his wife Kimberly Roe Felczak, his brother Nick Felczak, and his sister Penny (Jamie) Sharpe are the members of the Felczak family. Randy has two children, and their names are Nick Felczak and Penny (Jamie) Sharpe. Nick Felczak and Penny (Jamie) Sharpe are Randy’s children, and their names reflect their middle names.

Randy’s children, Nick Felczak and Penny (Jamie) Sharpe, both have names that include their middle names into their full names. Randy obtained his high school certificate from Waverly High School, which he attended for the whole of his time spent living in Waverly. Randy has spent his entire life in Waverly and has spent his entire life in Waverly.

He worked in a wide range of different vocations all across the valley and the areas that surrounded it. He was an enthusiastic lover of nature and the great outdoors, and among of his favorite outdoor pursuits included beekeeping, hunting, and the making of maple syrup and honey. In addition to that, he valued hunting for its inherent value as a recreational activity in its own right. The delivery of services at this time is not going to be feasible for any of the aforementioned reasons. The Blauvelt Funeral

The establishment known as Home, which can be found in Waverly, New York at 625 Broad Street, is the one that is currently providing aid to the family during this difficult time. You are more than welcome to express your condolences to Randy’s family on either our Facebook page or our website, which can be accessed at www.blauveltfuneralhome.com. If you would like to do so, you can do so on any of these platforms. You can find links on the website of our funeral home that will take you to either of these two sites, so feel free to take use of them.

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