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Ortiz Medina Obituary, Death –The cause of death was given as injuries sustained in the accident. The accident that took place earlier in the day is responsible for these injuries that were received. According to a statement that was made public by the Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher.

Ortiz-Medina, who was 24 years old, passed away unexpectedly and suddenly in Lexington County near the 130-mile marker of westbound Interstate 26. Margaret Fisher, who serves as the coroner for Lexington County, made the statement available to the public.

According to the report that was handed in by the Lexington County Coroner, the individual who passed away on Friday evening as a result of injuries incurred in a construction accident was identified as Manuel Ortiz-Medina.

It was discovered that Ortiz-Medina had passed away, and his body was located in the nearby region. According to the statement, he was pronounced deceased at the scene of the incident, which is the spot where the accident occurred and involves heavy machinery as one of the contributing aspects.

In other words, he was proclaimed dead at the location where the accident took place. In addition to this, the statement notes that the results of the autopsy revealed that he passed away due to natural causes.

On Monday, at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, an autopsy will be done on the body of the deceased person. The autopsy will determine the cause of death. This is the same spot in Charleston, South Carolina, where the corpse of the deceased person was discovered.



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