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Harry Clark Obituary , Death – This is a fairly difficult topic that can either be debated or discussed. Even though I haven’t seen him since the first year that we constructed the Valhalla Renaissance Faire, I definitely recall meeting him for the very first time at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in the spring of 1990.

This is despite the fact that I haven’t seen him since the first year that we established the Valhalla Renaissance Faire. In spite of the fact that I haven’t seen him since the very first year that we established the Valhalla, this is the case.

Renaissance Faire. This was the first time that any of us had seen each other in the years that had passed since we had first begun working together to put on the Valhalla Renaissance Faire. Participating in one’s very first instance of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire was a fantastic and memorable experience. Regards and gratitude are extended to Vicki for everything Harry Clark was a former Director of Friends of Faire Northern California and was also the Lord Mayor of Valhalla for a period of ten years. He served in both roles for a total of 20 years. “It is with great regret that I relay the news of the demise of Harry Clark,” who passed away, Nancy is quoted as saying, according to the obituary, recently.

There was a significant population that had prior experience with him or was familiar with his name. I am writing this for the benefit of those of you who were familiar with him, and I hope that you will find it interesting. I am writing this for the benefit of those of you who were acquainted with him.

There have been more than three decades that have passed since Faire made a substantial impact on Harry’s life, and during that time Faire has had an influence on Harry. As he moved from one spot at the Faire to the next, he was the one who was responsible for putting a grin on everyone’s face, and as a direct result of this, he was able to meet a great deal of new people and make new friends.

He emanated an aura that was significantly more powerful than the very act of living itself. We are going to miss having him here with us since it has been a wonderful experience overall having him with us. According to his instructions, there will be no memorial or funeral services given for him after he passes away.

Instead, he would choose to be forgotten in obscurity if given the choice. You have every reason to believe that he is present at Skyfaire, where he is acting as the presider over the processions and keeping everyone entertained with his stories and recollections of times that have long since passed.


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