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George Verwer Obituary , Death – As the individual who was responsible for the establishment of Operation Mobilization and who passed away on April 14th, George Verwer, we would like to send our heartfelt condolences to everybody and everyone who knew and cared about him. George Verwer was the person who was responsible for the creation of Operation Mobilization.

The idea for Operation Mobilization came from the mind of George Verwer, who was also the man responsible for its creation. To anyone it may concern, please accept our sincere thanks. George for everything that he has done for us, and we find peace in the knowledge that he is now with Jesus, whom he loved very dearly and who he served with all of his heart.

We will always be grateful to George for everything that he has done for us. In spite of the tragedy that has befallen us, we would like to express our gratitude to George for everything that he has done for us. George pushed and encouraged those he encountered to share their love of God, beginning with his early days of leading undergraduate mission trips to Mexico and progressing to his ambitions of a ship that would convey the Good News throughout the coasts of the world.

His goals included the acquisition of a ship. that would go around the entire circumference of the earth. In his younger years, he was in charge of leading college mission trips to Mexico. These travels took place in Mexico. He was able to achieve this objective because he set an example for others to follow by living an unconventional lifestyle, and they followed in his footsteps to achieve success.

Because George had such a great enthusiasm for genuine connections, reading, and delivering holistic treatment to individuals who had the least access to resources, he was successful in all of these endeavors. capable of providing holistic treatment to those folks despite the fact that they had the least access to resources. In this trying time, we ask that you join us in praying for George’s family, that they may discover some measure of serenity and comfort in the midst of their struggles.

If you feel that the ministry of George has been a gift to you and you would want to share your thoughts with us, please feel free to leave a remark on our website. We would appreciate hearing from you. We hope that you will communicate with us in some way. You are able to make a contribution to the work that OM performs in honor of George by getting in contact with the OM office in your region or by visiting the website

Your contribution will be gratefully accepted. You have the ability to choose either of these two paths. You have the option of choosing either of these two courses of action, based on the requirements and requirements that you have.

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