Donnie Crump Obituary, Donnie Crump Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Donnie Crump Obituary, Death – This joy comes from the knowledge that even though we are sad, we are still spiritual. When we tell folks that Brother Donnie Crump has passed away, we do this as one of the things that we do.

Together, Brother Donnie and his wife Janice were active members of the Yellowhill community for a significant amount of time, taking part in a diverse array of events over the course of that time alongside one another.

Don came to us from the region around Monroe, North Carolina, where he had worked as a pastor, and he quickly established himself as a dedicated member, a confidant, a friend, and a highly loved part of our family.

He had previously served as a pastor in the Monroe, North Carolina, area. Additionally, he came to us from the region of Monroe, North Carolina, where he had previously worked as a pastor before coming to us.

When we tell people that our very own Brother Donnie Crump was welcomed into the arms of our Lord this morning, we do it not just with a heavy heart but also with the joy that comes from the fact that we are spiritual.

In addition to this, he arrived with us from the Monroe, North Carolina, area, where he had served as a pastor before to being a member of our organization. He had done this work before coming to us.

The appreciation that everyone at Yellowhill has for the fact that they can call Don a part of their lives is not something that can be fully described or stated via the use of words alone; rather, it is something that goes beyond the capacity of language to communicate in any way, shape, or form.

We ask that you pray for Sister Janice and the rest of the Crump family at this trying time. We know that they will need your support. I am grateful to you for taking this into consideration. The fact that they will require your assistance is something that we are well aware of.

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