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Danny Sheehan Obituary, Death – Daniel “Danny” Bradshaw Sheehan, age 8, passed away on August 8, 2021 after a long and difficult battle with brain cancer. He was reunited with his identical twin, Joseph, in heaven, where they were able to laugh and have fun together, something they were never able to do on earth. Danny is survived by his devoted parents, Daniel and Natalie (Shaw) Sheehan of Marshfield; his grandparents, Judith and Bradley “Tup” Shaw of Marshfield, Ellen Keating of Hingham, and Daniel Sheehan of Marshfield; and a large number of aunts, uncles, cousins, law enforcement officers, medical professionals, educators, and classmates.

Daniel and Natalie (Shaw) Sheehan of Marshfield are Danny’s loving parents. The absence of Danny in the lives of everyone he had previously interacted with will be deeply felt. Simply knowing him was enough to make one utterly appreciate him. Danny was a mischievous ball of determination, light, cuddles, stubbornness, politeness, fighting spirit, humor, sweetness, and laughter. He was a wise old man trapped in the body of a tiny kid.

He enjoyed nothing more than cuddling with his best friend, Mummy (said with an English accent as a result of Danny’s being an avid fan of Peppa Pig), telling jokes with his beloved Daddy, making “set-ups” with his toys and trains, seeing his friends from school and attending birthday parties, making excursions to the toy aisles of Target, devouring endless plates of noodles with Parmesan cheese or fries with ketchup, and telling everyone about how his rescue dogs, Ryder and as well as the fact that Miley ate Ryder’s feces.

Whether you knew him as Marshfield Police Officer Sheehan, the young superhero dubbed AquaDan because of his affection for Aquaman, the little redhead who bounced around the halls of Boston Children’s Hospital, a champion of raising funds for various nonprofits, or a future rock star racecar driver, every interaction with Danny was guaranteed to be one with silly stories, songs, or jokes. Never a dull moment; perpetual humor and mirth.

As a parting gift, we would like to share with you one of Danny’s favorite jokes. It goes as follows: “Why did the poodle turn the air on? Simply because it had no interest in being a hot dog! I pray that you will never forget his adorable tiny voice as he tells you this joke, followed by the echoes of his infectious laughter.

On Wednesday, August 11th, from 2:00 PM until 6:00 PM, there will be a time set aside for visiting at Saint Christine’s Church in Marshfield. A goodbye escort for Officer Danny Sheehan will take place on Wednesday evening (August 11) at 7 o’clock, and it will involve the Marshfield Police Department as well as other departments. They will leave St. Christine’s and go to Plain Street, where they will turn left at Roche Bros.

They will then drive along Ocean Street to Dyke onto Careswell, then Webster back to Ocean, and finally terminate at MacDonald’s Funeral Home. To honor the great life of our young hero, we invite the community that Danny loved and that loved Danny to come out in full force with BRIGHT COLORS.

The next day, which is Thursday, August 12th at 10am, a Funeral Mass will be conducted at Saint Christine’s in memory of the deceased. Immediate interment will take place at Couch Cemetery on Union Street in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Attendees are strongly urged to dress in bright colors for each segment of this farewell celebration, in honor of Danny’s love of rainbows and sunlight.

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