Cecil Rabinowitz Obituary, Cecil Rabinowitz Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Cecil Rabinowitz Obituary, Death – On the first night of Passover, Cecil Rabinowitz, also known as “Oom Cecil,” passed away unexpectedly in Bloemfontein at the age of 93. His nickname was “Oom Cecil.” Everybody referred to him as “Oom Cecil.” His nickname was the one most frequently used to refer to him.

Within the Jewish community, due to his status as a figure from Jewish mythology, he was held in extremely high esteem. Since you are receiving this piece of information at the same time that you are observing the holiday of Passover, please accept our sincerest condolences for the loss that you have been forced to go through.

When he finally took his last breath, it happened in the city that he had grown to consider home for the majority of his life. He had lived there for the majority of his life. It is with deep regret that we must deliver this news to you at this time; yet, due to the circumstances, we are unable to refrain from doing so.

We are sorry to be the ones to deliver such depressing news to you, and we truly wish that there was another way for us to deliver it instead of you having to hear it from us. He asks God to bless his wife Shirli, as well as his daughters Sharon and Cindy, with a long and healthy life, one that is free from illness and is filled with happiness.

In addition to this, he prays to the gods that he will be granted a life like this. In addition to that, he hopes that you are in good health and that other elements of your life are proceeding according to the plans that have been made for you. During this difficult time, he is keeping you in his thoughts and sending his deepest condolences to you.

Today, which is Monday, at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, the funeral is going to take place in the Jewish cemetery in Bloemfontein Southpark. The location is the Southpark Jewish Cemetery. Bloemfontein is the location of the cemetery in South Africa. This location offers directions to the cemetery and other information about how to get there. At this precise spot on the site, one can find the location of the cemetery that has been established there.

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