Adam Platania Obituary, Derry NH Motorcycle Accident - Death Cause

Adam Platania & Katina Skotis Obituary – Two persons were killed in a collision that occurred on Thursday evening in Derry and involved a car, two motorcycles, and a third vehicle. The incident caused the deaths of two people. Adam Platania and Katina Skotis have been identified as the two individuals who were found to have passed away. At the intersection of North Main Street and Nesmith Street, which is a busy intersection, a terrible accident took place, and the community was shaken by the tragedy as the police arrived at the site.

Witnesses reported that they spotted two motorcycles going alongside a group of other vehicles just previous to the collision that took place on North Main Street. The collision itself took place on North Main Street. At the time of the collision, the car in question was travelling along Pinkerton Street towards North Main Street and turning onto that street. The impact occurred as the vehicle was making the turn. Katina Skotis, age 20, from Litchfield, passed away unexpectedly at Elliot Hospital, leaving behind family and friends who are grieving her loss.

Adam Platania, age 21, of Derry, Pennsylvania, did not survive the accident and passed away at the scene. Both the rider and passenger of the second motorbike that was involved in the collision were sent to the hospital for treatment of injuries that did not place a serious risk on their lives. These injuries did not require them to be hospitalised for an extended period of time. As the community mourns the loss of those lives that were cut short at an unnecessary age, the roadways in the region were shut down for many hours in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

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