Myra Caballero Obituary, Woman Killed in Hayward Crash - Death Cause

Myra Caballero Obituary, Death – On Friday, it was confirmed by the office of the coroner that the person who had passed away was a local resident of Hayward named Myra Caballero. Caballero had lived for 35 years when she passed away at the age of 35. It was late on Wednesday night when an SUV driven by Caballero collided with a parked trailer. According to the reports, Caballero was driving the SUV. The crash took place while the SUV was attempting to go in front of the trailer.

On Wednesday night about 9:22 local time, there was a collision in the neighborhood of the 30000 block of San Benito Street. Both vehicles involved in the collision were towed from the scene. One person had an injury as a direct consequence of the incident. Caballero was found by the police inside of her Chevrolet Suburban, which had been in a collision with the parked trailer before to the discovery of Caballero.

At the time that she was found, she was both unconscious and bearing the effects of a number of different wounds. During the course of their hunt for Caballero, the cops discovered her hiding out inside her vehicle. It was later determined that her body had been found at the scene of the accident, indicating that she had passed away prior to its discovery. Caballero was the only one that was inside the vehicle at the time that the incident took place, as stated by the comments provided by the authorities.

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