Max Coleman Obituary Wichita, KS, Max Coleman Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Max Coleman Obituary, Death – A private memorial ceremony will be held first, and then a public memorial service will be held to celebrate his life. Specifics will be provided at the appropriate time.” After the apartheid authorities jailed Coleman and his wife’s kids for their own involvement in anti-apartheid activities, Coleman and his wife established the Detainees Parents Support Committee in 1981. The organization offered assistance to the inmates’ parents and assisted them with providing them with food, clothing, and legal representation.

The Colemans were presented with the Order of Luthuli by President Cyril Ramaphosa in the month of November. After accepting the prize, the Colemans made a statement in which they said that the freedoms that South Africans fought for were not the same as the freedoms that are enjoyed now. “In its place, however, unemployment, poverty, racism, injustice, and violence are thriving and flourishing. According to the statement, “the freedoms that Nelson Mandela and the ANC so bravely fought for, the vision of egalitarian, non-racial democracy, is today but a flickering glimmer of the light that shone brightly on 27 April 1994.”

Not only has the state been corrupted by state control and thuggery, but the brains and souls of ANC members as well. They have made an attempt to take away the nation’s independence as well as its vision and its hopes. It is not acceptable to let them achieve success. “The ANC needs to purge itself of corrupt elements, and the democratic state needs to get back to fulfilling its historic obligation to prioritize the needs of South Africans.” To reawaken the spirit of “ubuntu,” to reinvent the movement for non-racialism, inclusivity, and democracy that was led by Nelson Mandela.

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