Mark Hanson Obituary, Chippewa Falls Police Department Mourns Mark Hanson - Death Causehands holding one candle in darkness

Mark Hanson Obituary, Death – The untimely passing of Lieutenant Mark Hanson (ret.) has left those who served with him in the Chippewa Falls Police Department with a profound sense of loss. Mark has almost 30 years of experience working for the Chippewa Falls Police Department. He had previous experience working for the Chippewa Fire Protection District as well as the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department. In 2012, Mark reached the rank of Lieutenant before retiring from the CFPD.

During his service, he served in a variety of specialized capacities, including that of an investigator and a member of a SWAT team, to name just a few examples. Everyone at the Department knew Mark as an upbeat and calm individual who could maintain his composure even in the most trying of situations. Mark’s reputation spread quickly. He had the power to turn any unpleasant circumstance into something positive, or at the very least, into something that could be tolerated, with just a prod, a hug, a grin, a joke, or, most of the time, some very good straightforward advise.

He was always eager to set time aside for others, no matter the situation or how busy he was, according to several of his coworkers, and they described him as being an excellent soundboard. Anyone who has ever collaborated with Mark can attest to the fact that he possessed the gift of deliverance. His approach was more of a guiding and instructive one than one of commanding or reprimanding others. Mark’s impact at the CFPD will be remembered for his unceasing efforts to cultivate future leaders and serve as an inspiration to next generations.

Mark made it his mission to encourage you to be the best version of yourself at all times and to show concern for the people in your immediate environment. This was on display each and every time that Mark got dressed for his shift. His unwavering dedication and boundless enthusiasm for the prosperity of the neighborhood have served as, and will continue to serve as, a model for all those who are trying to emulate his path. We will remember our wonderful friend and guide with “Grace, Guts, and Gratitude” as we say our final goodbyes to them. Thank you, God.

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