Lea Bredschneider Obituary, Former Executive Director Of Swim Ontario, Has Died - Death Cause

Lea Bredschneider Obituary, Death – The swimming community in Ontario is sharing the news of the passing of Lea Bredschneider, who was a long-time volunteer, coach, mentor, and friend. This news is being shared with a profound sense of grief by the swimming community. The position of Executive Director of Swim Ontario was originally held by Lea Bredschneider.

In recognition of the many positive contributions that Lea has made to the sport of swimming throughout the years, the Ontario Aquatic Hall of Fame admitted her into the Hall of Fame’s Builder category in the year 2006. From the ceremony where she was inducted into the OAHOF, the following is a summary of her swimming career:

Lea and her eldest son Bernie began their adventure into the world of competitive swimming in the fall of 1967. Their goal was to learn as much as they could about the sport. They began out at the Scarborough Swim Club, then moved to the North York Aquatic Club in 1970, and finally made their permanent home at the Etobicoke Swim Club in 1973.

Lea became the editor and publisher of club bulletins, kept track of meet times for the coaches, and learned how to handle many of the other volunteer jobs that are common when one hangs around the halls of the swimming pool for too long. In addition to these responsibilities.

Lea also learned how to swim. Lea became the editor and publisher of club bulletins, among other things, during the early years of her involvement in the club. She also learned how to officiate at multiple levels. Lea began volunteering at the Etobicoke Olympium several years later, but during the period that she was there, she was unable to witness Bernie’s qualification for the 1980 Olympic team.

at the year 1972, Lea worked as a Technical Assistant at the office of the Canadian Amateur Swimming Association – Ontario Section. This employment was held by Lea for the entire year. She was given the position of club secretary at the Etobicoke Swim Club in 1975, and she quickly discovered that her prior experience was of great aid in performing the duties of the job. Throughout the decade of the 1970s.

Lea was asked to organize and accompany club members on trips to various levels of competition at the national and provincial levels. In 1978, when the Canadian Pan-American team flew to Puerto Rico, Lea was asked to serve as a chaperone for them. In 1979, when another international event was held in Heidelberg, West Germany, Lea was asked to serve in the same capacity for that event.


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