James Jungkeun Obituary, 85-year-old Killed In Hit And Run - Death Cause

James Jungkeun Obituary, Death – On April 13, 2023, sheriff’s deputies were responding to a different type of emergency call in the vicinity of SW Kinnaman Road and SW 188th Avenue in Aloha. When the deputies were ready to end their response to that call at 9:20 p.m., they heard a loud thud coming from the road in the area. When deputies arrived, they found an older guy unconscious in a ditch close to the road, and they watched a car speed away from the scene.

Unfortunately, the individual was pronounced dead at the site despite the fact that deputies rushed over and attempted to administer emergency medical care as soon as possible. He was determined to be James Jungkeun Park, and he was 85 years old. After further investigation, deputies found out that Mr. Park had been at a relative’s house and was on his way back to his own residence nearby when he was struck by a vehicle.

During the time that some deputies were attending to Mr. Park and others were securing the crime scene, other deputies began searching the area for the vehicle and the person who was driving it. In order to direct the investigation, the multi-agency Washington County Crash Analysis Reconstruction Team (CART) was requested to come out. They were able to find the vehicle by using footage from security cameras as well as information provided by witnesses. The vehicle was parked a few blocks away.

A little over a half an hour after the collision, deputies located the driver at his residence, which was located nearby as well. Anthony Castro Tenorio, age 55, was determined to be the individual in question. Tenorio was taken into custody by the investigators, and his vehicle was taken into evidence. Tenorio was taken into custody by detectives and charged with homicide in the second degree, driving under the influence of intoxicants (controlled substances), and leaving the scene of a felony hit and run accident.

During the course of their investigation, the police found evidence that suggested a different person, most likely one with long blonde hair, may have been involved in a separate collision. Investigators have not been able to link this evidence to any other pending investigations at this time, so they are looking for any information that may pertain to Tenorio or the vehicle, which is described as a charcoal gray 2005 Ford Explorer bearing the license plate number “519 CRU.”

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