Gary Ulk Obituary, Former Spey Bay Golf Club Membership Dies - Death Cause

Gary Ulk Obituary, Death – The posting of this communication is made possible thanks to Mrs. Susan Ulke’s gracious consent.
We are profoundly saddened to inform the membership of the Spey Bay Golf Club, as well as visitors and guests, of Gary’s passing away at home in the early hours of Friday, April 7th 2023, with his wife Susan at his side. We extend our deepest condolences to all of those affected by this news.

All of those who have been negatively impacted by this news have our deepest condolences. Gary was not only a useful employee on the course, but he was also a good friend to a large number of people who were engaged with him at the Spey Bay Golf Club. He will be much missed. We counted it a privilege to have him serve in both of these capacity for us. During this trying time, Susan is the first person that comes to mind for us.

Friend, put your mind at ease and relax. She is survived by her husband, as well as her three children and the spouses of each of her children: Vicki Baer and Larry of Topeka, Gary Sprecker and Lois of Salina, and Rodney Sprecker of Clay Center; five stepchildren: Janet Munoz and Steve of Topeka, Shirley Vandahl and Vernon of Manhattan, John Burgman and Sandra of San Antonio, Teresa Hopper and Garth of Leonardville; seven grandchildren, fourteen great grandchildren, three great great grandchildren, nine stepgreat grandchildren, and nine stepgreat great grandchildren; seven grandchildren, fourteen great grandchildren, and three great great grandchildren; nine

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