Darell McGe Obituary, Darell McGe Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Darell McGe Obituary, Death – The news that Darell McGee, better known by his stage as Bolund Maice, has passed away has recently came to our knowledge. When we highlighted Lazarus Sin in the pages of our zine in 2013, it was an even greater honor for us to release this Masterpiece of an album on vinyl for the very first time that year. His son Eautrell McGee told the Journal on Monday that his father, Darrell McGee, who was the all-time assist leader at the University of New Mexico, passed suddenly on Saturday as a result of complications from a stroke.

Darrell McGee was the all-time assist leader at the University of New Mexico. Eautrell claimed that Darrell, who is now 47 years old, has been living in a nursing home in the Houston region ever since he suffered the stroke on March 14, 2012. Darrell’s age at the time of the stroke was forty-seven. According to Eautrell, the stroke happened completely out of the blue. My dad was a phenomenal athlete, and he took care of his health so that he could compete at the highest level. He had no involvement with drugs or anything else of the type and never dabbled with them.

“The medical professionals are still unable to explain why the stroke occurred,” the member of the patient’s family added. Eautrell shared that his father’s health has been declining as of late, so he immediately boarded a trip from Los Angeles, the city in where he is stationed as a recording artist, to Houston, the city in which his father resides, in order to be by his side.

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