Dan Dempsey Obituary Laconia NH, Dan Dempsey Has Died - Death Cause

Dan Dempsey Obituary, Death – There are very few responsibilities of a sheriff’s office that are more important to the protection of the general public than searching for sought and suspected criminals and bringing them to justice in order to get them off the streets and out of our neighborhoods. Searching for wanted and suspected criminals and bringing them to justice are two of the very few things that can keep our communities secure.

Dan was given the job of working with our deputies in Belknap County back when our organization was a part of the US Marshal’s Joint Fugitive Task Force. Not only did he provide the people he worked with most regularly with guidance, mentoring, a reliable support system, and camaraderie, but he did the same for all of our workers.
The senseless loss of such a brilliant and influential American figure at such a tender age will reverberate throughout many years to come.

He was born in Belmont and raised there, making him a true local son of the city. Dan was a dedicated public servant who served his country in multiple capacities, including as a veteran of active duty in the United States Army, a corrections officer for the New Hampshire Department of Corrections, and a Deputy United States Marshal. Because of his presence and the sacrifices that he made, we are all in a far better position to avoid danger.

It was common knowledge that Dan Dempsey, a Deputy United States Marshal, has one of the highest levels of expertise in this field. It is impossible to exaggerate how dedicated he is, not only to our county, but also to his colleagues here at the BCSO. We share the collective sadness felt by the rest of the law enforcement community in New Hampshire at the news of his departure.

During his time spent working with the United States Marshals Service (US Marshals Office), Dan established himself as one of the most skilled agents in the country when it came to apprehending wanted criminals. I had the pleasure of meeting him around twelve years ago, when Dan and his crew came to Bradford to aid us in identifying a wanted criminal. They came to Bradford to help us find the person. They came to offer their assistance in identifying a wanted criminal.

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