Steven Goldstein Obituary, Suspect Killed in Vanderburgh County Standoff - Death Cause

Steven Goldstein Obituary, Death – The Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office has found beyond a reasonable doubt that the man who was shot by the deputy on St. Joe Road on Wednesday was the same individual who was slain there by the deputy. This conclusion was reached after the Coroner’s Office conducted an investigation into the incident. The identity of the person who the Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office believes to be responsible for the killing of the victim was made public on Thursday by the office.

The victim died of their injuries. The guy who is thought to be responsible is known by the name Steven Goldstein, and he is 49 years old. After evaluating footage from a surveillance camera, law enforcement officials were able to get a warrant for the suspect’s arrest. The video showed the suspect firing a revolver while the youngster was in close proximity to the suspect at the time. According to the comments provided by the sheriff’s office, this is the case.

The authorities assert that when they arrived at the scene, law enforcement personnel used a BearCat to cut a hole in the trailer using a keyhole saw. The information that was provided by the sheriff’s office indicates that in order for the deputies to defend themselves, they then started destroying the trailer in which the suspect had taken refuge in order to get rid of the evidence. At that time, according to the allegations, the suspect started firing at the personnel of law enforcement who were chasing him. We have been informed that in response to the scenario, deputies fired their weapons, which ultimately led to the suspect being injured.

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