Robert Dautel Obituary, Man Died While Operating Locomotive at ADM Rail Yard - Death Cause

Robert Dautel Obituary, Death –Robert L. Dautel, Jr. was also known simply as Robert L. Dautel throughout his life. Dautel needed to be taken to an emergency room after sustaining injuries in a collision between a locomotive and a parked rail car at the rail yard of the ADM Bioproducts Complex located at 4666 E. Faries. In order to obtain treatment for his injuries, Dautel was had to be carried to an emergency room. The catastrophe took occurred at the ADM Bioproducts Complex, which was the location of the complex. The individual who was in charge of driving the truck was Dautel, who was also the locomotive’s engineer.

In addition to that, he was in charge of its maintenance. The findings of an autopsy revealed that the cause of death was a blunt force injury to the chest, which was caused by the injuries he acquired in the accident, which in turn was caused by the injuries he acquired in the accident. In other words, the injuries he obtained in the accident were the direct cause of his death. That is to say, the injuries he had in the accident were the direct cause of his passing away as a result of his passing away. The findings of the investigation into what took place will, in a timeframe that is not too far from the present, be made accessible to the general public.

The coroner for Macon County has revealed the name of the man who was in charge of a train when he passed away on Tuesday. His identification was made public by the Macon County coroner. The occurrence took happened on a Tuesday as the day of the week. Michael E. Day claims that Robert L. Dautel, Jr., a resident of Morrisonville who was 66 years old and went by the name Robert L. Dautel, was pronounced dead on April 11 at the emergency department of Decatur Memorial Hospital. Robert L. Dautel, Jr. was also known as Robert L. Dautel.


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