Peter Free Obituary, Peter Free Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Peter Free Obituary, Death – I was immediately overcome with a tremendous sense of loss when I found out that Peter Free had passed away when I found out about his passing after hearing the news that he had died. Peter was a highly-respected member of our community who devoted a substantial portion of his life to supporting the people in his immediate neighborhood as well as the people in the areas that were located around him.

He was known for his generosity. He committed a considerable portion of his time to supporting the people who lived in the vicinity of where he worked and lived. I would like to recognize not just his involvement in the community but also the donations that he has made, in particular to the Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health Center, the Sunbury Historical Society, the RSL, and the Rotary Club. Because of the commitment that he had toward the people who live in Sunbury as well as the history of the city, I will be thankful to him for the rest of my life. I shall be thankful to him for the rest of my life.

My my sympathies go out to Alison, Jess, and Andrew, who are all members of the same family and are presently dealing with a challenging situation. I know you all are going through a tough time right now. I feel terrible about the loss that they have endured.
Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health very graciously provided us with the use of their images, which we have incorporated into this piece.



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