Nancy Leinneweber Obituary, Nancy Leinneweber Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Nancy Leinneweber Obituary, Death – On March 2, everyone who lived in Angel Fire, New Mexico, where Nancy Leinneweber had been resided, was taken aback by the news that she had passed away. It is likely that those individuals who are familiar with the employees at the Shuter Library and who have links with the library itself are aware of this information. Martin, her devoted spouse, was by her side as she took her last breaths and watched her pass away before she went away.

Martin was with her when she passed away. Nancy made major contributions to the Shuter Library during the time that she spent tirelessly serving there. These contributions were in the areas of literacy, entertainment, education, and community values. These were all subjects that piqued her interest, particularly the ones listed above. Since these accomplishments are significant and will continue to have an impact for a considerable amount of time, the Board of Trustees of the Shuter Library would like to formally recognize Nancy for her work in this field because of the positive contributions she has made.

She had positions on a number of our boards and was the primary catalyst behind Trash to Treasures, which was by far and away the most successful fundraising event we’ve ever held. Additionally, she was the primary force behind the organization of the event. This was only one of the many achievements that she has amassed over the course of her life. Having learned of her departure has left us in a state of mourning; despite this, we have arrived at the conclusion that it is of the utmost significance to follow in her footsteps.

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