MCC Lockdown, Brief Lockdown Drill at Monroe Community College

MCC Lockdown – A practice in going into lockdown is currently being carried out. As soon as it is practicable, you should get to a secure location that is away from any doors or windows. While you wait for further instructions, you are to keep to yourself and remain in a secure location. On Tuesday evening, in response to a brief lockdown exercise that took place at Monroe Community College, a number of people resorted to a variety of social media sites to voice their confusion and rage.

“Unfortunately, individuals who responded to the signal did not have the impression that it was a practice session. We would like to use this opportunity to offer our most sincere apologies to the members of our college community as well as the general public for the distress that this mistake has caused. In a statement that was released, Chief of Public Safety Tony Perez noted that steps would be done to ensure that any future drills are able to be easily recognized by participants.

According to Rosanna Yule, the institution’s spokesman for public relations, a college activity was taking place on the Brighton campus on Tuesday afternoon. This information was provided by Rosanna Yule. A recent activity along these lines was carried out at the Downtown location of the college. She claimed that there was no incident at either school, and that there are no additional drills scheduled to take place.

We attempted to get in touch with both students and staff members by sending emails, sending text messages, and calling them. In an email that she sent out on Tuesday evening, she provided an explanation for everything that had occurred. “The sending of a tweet today was an unfortunate error, isolated to today’s drill on the Brighton Campus,” she wrote.

The institution made the announcement over social media just before 1:30 in the afternoon that the Brighton campus had been placed under lockdown and that everyone should immediately seek cover since the situation was potentially dangerous. The university sent out a tweet indicating that the emergency situation had been rectified eight minutes after it had been addressed.

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