Mark Utenhmer Obituary, Mark Utenhmer Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Mark Utenhmer Obituary, Death – As soon as we heard the news that one of our fellow brothers, Mark Utenhmer, who had served with the Patterson Township Volunteer Fire Company, had passed away, we were thrown into a state of intense mourning. It is a testament to his everlasting dedication and selflessness that he has continued to offer his services as a volunteer to the same community for the past 53 years.

Because of his demise, not only has the Patterson Township Volleyball and Football Club (PTVFC) experienced a tremendous loss, but so has the entirety of the Patterson community. During this trying time, we are keeping Mark’s family, friends, and the whole membership of the PTVFC in our thoughts and prayers. As you mourn the loss of your beloved coworker and friend, my prayer is that you will be able to find solace in one another’s company and draw strength from one another.

People whose lives Mark touched will honor his memory forever, and his legacy will continue on in those individuals. Mark’s memory will be respected for all time. The passing of Treasurer Mark Utnehmer is something that we have no choice but to acknowledge, and doing so fills us with profound regret and sadness. He had spent his entire life as a member of the organization and had 53 years of active service under his belt. In the 25 years prior to this, he had served as captain, secretary, and Treasurer of the organization he was a part of all during his membership. The news of his departure will undoubtedly leave everyone feeling sorrowful. During this trying time, the individuals associated with the Patterson Township Volunteer Fire Company, both current and former, are in our thoughts and prayers.


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