Len Gibbon Obituary, Long-term Resident and WWII Army Veteran Has Died - Death Cause

Len Gibbon Obituary, Death – Len Gibbon, who had been a valued member of our community for many years and who had been in the United States Army during World War II, passed away peacefully at the age of 99 late in the week before the previous one. He had served in the military during the war. He had served in the military at some point during the conflict.

When Len was only 20 years old, he enlisted in the Royal Army Service Corps and during the course of his tenure in the organization, he worked his way up through the ranks to become a despatch rider. At the beginning of June 1944, Len tied the knot, and just four days later, he received orders to report for duty in Normandy as a participant in the Normandy Landings. Len was a part of the Allied invasion of Normandy during World War II. During World War II, he was a member of the armed forces serving his country.

Because Len was such a remarkable individual, the family that made up Care for Veterans was extremely fortunate to include him as a part of their group. He was the epitome of chivalry and loomed larger than life. He will live on in our memories as a figure of great significance for the rest of our lives. Since he started working with our organization before the year 2019 came to a close, he has helped produce thousands of pounds to fund the treatment and rehabilitation of disabled war veterans by sacrificing his time and going above and beyond in his efforts to assist the charity.

He has done this by going above and beyond in his efforts to support the charity. The care and rehabilitation of injured veterans who have served in the armed forces will be funded with these money. During this most difficult time, we would like to extend our most sincere condolences to Len’s family and friends. We are really sorry for the loss of Len. Our hearts go out to them during this difficult time.


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