Ken Funk Obituary, Death – Ken Funk, whose health had been deteriorating recently, passed away at an early hour this morning at Mercy Hospital, where he had been a patient. The news of his passing did not come as a shock. Because his health had recently taken a turn for the worst, he had been working very hard to get it back in better shape. After hearing the news of his resignation from the organization, we were left feeling entirely and completely saddened.

For a significant number of years, Ken and Nancy have both been extremely active participants in the activities of the community that revolves around Park Plaza. For a substantial chunk of the period that Ken served on the board of directors of the church, he also presided over the organization as its chairman. Ken’s tenure on the board spanned a significant amount of years. Ken was a member of the board of directors for a large number of years over the course of his career.

The Memorial Service is expected to take place during the second week of May; however, the arrangements for the event are still being finalized at this point in time. It is anticipated that the Memorial Service will take place during the second week of May. The funeral and memorial services for the fallen will take place at the Park Plaza, which has been selected as the location for these events. We ask that you pray for Nancy and the rest of the Funk family as well as include them in your prayers because they are going through a difficult period right now. Please pray for all of them and include them in your prayers.

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