Isaiah Zamarripa Obituary, Two Fresno Residents Killed in Grapevine Crash - Death Cause

Isaiah Zamarripa and Tania Oliver Obituary, Death – The Grapevine was the location of an accident that took place on Thursday, resulting in the deaths of two people who were able to be identified by the Kern County Coroner’s Office. Both of these persons were able to be identified. Both of the victims were natives of the Fresno area when the tragedy occurred. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the driver of the vehicle was a Fresno local who was 19 years old and who was traveling with five other Fresno residents at the time of the event.

Isaiah Dieago Zamarripa, age 21, and Tania Ajanae Oliver, age 19, were traveling with other individuals south of Laval Road on Wheeler Ridge on Interstate 5 at approximately three in the morning on April 9. According to the accounts received from the authorities, they were in the company of other individuals at the time. At this very moment in time, the terrible accident took place. The passengers in the vehicle were also Fresno residents.

In their statement, the California Highway Patrol did not offer any facts about how the collision actually took place and did not disclose any further details. The Kern Medical Center cared for many injured patients, all of whom were 20 years old, including the driver, two female passengers, and one male passenger. Every one of the patients had suffered major wounds. As a direct consequence of the collision, the flow of traffic on the northbound lanes of Interstate 5 was halted for close to two hours.


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