Irondequoit High School Lockdown, Irondequoit High School On Lockdown

Irondequoit High School Lockdown – When picking up their children from school on Thursday, parents in the West Irondequoit School District are being requested to be patient with one another in order to avoid more delays. Both Irondequoit High School and the nearby Dake Junior High School went into lockdown mode shortly before 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon. According to the school district’s assertions, the lockdown procedure at the junior high school was carried out without the required authority.

We have a daughter enrolled in this school as well as a daughter enrolled in the other school,” the mother said. “I have two daughters in total attending these schools.” She stated that they feel both frightened and afraid at the same time, which she believed to be true. According to Peters, the Incident inquiry Division of the IPD will be conducting an inquiry into both the incident and their response.

According to Chief Scott Peters, the individual(s) touched the button without recognizing what it was, which resulted in the false alarm being triggered. Students were kept inside the building until the authorities had finished searching the premises in its entirety. After that, they were allowed to leave. Kimberly Carrasquillo is a parent and a local person who lives inside the boundaries of the district.

The Irondequoit Police Department immediately responded as was necessary in accordance with protocol. The lockdown was lifted at 2:42 in the afternoon when it had been in effect. It appears at this point that a middle school student who was in the mail room, they had just recently installed a new panic button system for situations exactly like this one,” the witness added. “At this point, it seems that a middle school student who was in the mail room.

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