Ethel Steele Obituary, 3 Kids Killed in Shooting at NC - Death Cause

Ethel Steele Obituary, Death – A mother and her three children were all shot to death inside their home in North Carolina, leaving the residents of that area in a state of disbelief. On Tuesday, just before noon, police in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, reportedly got information of a gunshot that took place in a neighborhood there.

Officers used force to enter a home, where they discovered Ethel Syretha Steele, 40 years old, dead from a gunshot wound that appeared to have been self-inflicted.Additionally, officers discovered the bodies of three youngsters who had been shot to death; there  was one boy and two girls. They are known as Sakendra Steele, who is nine years old, Sakenya Steele, who is twelve years old, and Sakenlo Steele Jr., who is fourteen years old.

After hearing about the fatal shooting, the locals in the area were at a loss for what to say to one another. They have stated that it is something that they never expected to hear, particularly in a field that they have grown to love. “It was very strange to see this,” the witness said. When I came out, it made my heart feel like it was about to stop, so I don’t know, guys. I’m just praying,” resident Tameeka Parker said. The revelation brought our neighbor Quamekia Shavers, who also happens to be a mother of three children, to her knees in tears.

“I believe that all of us were thinking about children at that moment. I believe that a natural parental instinct led them to do it. You could simply see us all breaking down in front of your very eyes. “If you looked closely, you could see our hearts sinking into our stomachs,” she claimed. The investigation of the scene took the police several hours. They have not provided any information regarding a possible motive for the shooting, and they have stated that they are not looking for suspects in this instance.


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