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Catholic University Shooting – Catholic University has issued a warning, and people are being requested to remain where they are while the university and local law enforcement investigate the threat. According to a follow-up message that was distributed by the school’s warning system, school administrators had begun checking for any potential threats after receiving calls regarding the situation.

According to the most recent information, residents are being asked to remain in secure locations, and it has been said that new details would be supplied in the near future. On Thursday morning, members of the community at The Catholic University of America received a warning that instructed them to seek cover and remain in the locations in which they were currently located. One of the people who came out to take part in the vigil was Emily Goodlett, who was working inside the Old National Bank when the shooting started.

She was one of the people who came out to pay their respects. Goodlett remarked that she is still in the process of recovering from the events that transpired on that day, and she believes that taking part in events such as the vigil gives her a sense of purpose. “I’m feeling really lost and confused as well as sympathy and remorse and thankfulness because I’m still here,” Goodlett said. “I’m thankfulness because I’m still here.” “I’m grateful that I’m still here,” I said to myself. ‚ÄúThere’s

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