Shirley Holmes Obituary, 1Dead in train-vehicle accident in Stone County - Death Cause

Shirley Holmes Obituary, Death – A van was engaged in an accident in Stone County that resulted in the death of one individual and the injuries of four other individuals after it was hit by a train. The fatality occurred in Stone County. The mishap ended up being fatal for one of the participants.

Wayne Flurry, who is the coroner for Stone County, was able to positively identify Shirley Holmes, who was 58 years old, as the person who had passed away. Shirley Holmes was able to be positively recognized as the deceased individual. Wiggins was the name of the place that Holmes regarded as his hometown and primary residence. She was transferred to the Forrest General Hospital, but her injuries were so severe that she was unable to survive, and she passed away while she was still a patient there.

As a direct consequence of the collision that occurred between the van and the train, Holmes was ejected from the vehicle, as stated by the authorities who arrived on the scene following the collision that occurred between the van and the train.

The occurrence took occurred in the town of Bond at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon at the train crossing on Pump Branch Road, which is located just off Highway 49. The road connects to Highway 49. It is easy to get to and from the town thanks to the location’s convenience. The main roadway can be reached by an access road off to the side.

Flurry claims that the accident caused a third passenger in the vehicle who was riding with them at the time of the incident to sustain major injuries as a result of the collision. At present time, separate and impartial investigations into the incident are being carried out by the Stone County Sheriff’s Office and the Kansas City Railroad respectively.



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