Sherah Richardson Obituary Bakersfield, CA, Sherah Richardsonis Dead - Death Cause

Sherah Richardson Obituary, Death – I discovered out after I woke up that this amazing beauty, who only appeared once in a lifetime, had passed away. She was just one of a kind. It was revealed to be Sherah Richardson all along. It caught me totally off guard and I have no explanation for it. I’m going to miss very much our in-depth conversations on every single aspect of sports that we’ve ever talked about. You never fail to keep me updated on any and all information, and I really appreciate that.

I hope to God that he provides protection in some form or another for her son Ryker and the rest of her family. Due to the fact that such a large number of people in Bakersfield were familiar with her, this is a really unfortunate day for the city. They all left before she did, including her great-grandson Khalil Levi, her great-grandparents John and Lucille Delaney, and her father-in-law Dick Retter. Her grandparents, John and Lucille Delaney, as well as both of her parents, passed away before she did.

She was the only member of her immediate family to have made it this far. Her other relatives had all perished. Lynne is survived by her devoted partner of the past 26 years, Debbie Retter; her sons Rick and his wife, Cathy, and John and his wife, Alice; five grandchildren: Brandon, Alisha, Jordan, Micheala, and Arianna; three great-grandchildren: Kingston, Teagan, and Ryker; special friends: Terry Soper and Samantha Swank; and a host of other friends. Lynne passed away on April 15, 2019. The death of Lynne occurred on April 15, 2019. The passing of Lynne occurred on April 15, 2019.

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