Robert Krebs Obituary Radford Virginia, Robert Krebs Has Passed Away

Robert Krebs Obituary, Death – On Thursday, April 6, 2023, Robert Thomas Krebs, who had 33 years of age when he passed away, was removed from this world without ever having the chance to live it. He had to leave us. Unfortunately, he no longer is with us. There is no material that can be obtained that can shed light on the events that led up to his death.

Before their grandson was born, the grandson’s maternal grandparents, Earl T. and E. June Le Few, both passed away. Their grandchild was named after them. After they had both passed away, their grandchild was brought into the world. Their grandchild, in honor of their legacy, was given both of their names.

His dedicated mother, Lavina Earlene Le Few, as well as his aunt Donna June Parrish (John) and a large number of friends who were like family to him will carry on his legacy after he passes away. Also included in this group are those who were close to him before he passed away. In addition, a large number of friends who were like family to him will carry on his legacy when he is gone. In addition to this, he will be parting ways with a sizeable number of friends and acquaintances who will miss him very much and will be saddened by his departure.

On the 19th of April, 2023, there will be a visiting for the family from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM at the Grove United Methodist Church in Radford. The visitation will begin at ten in the morning and continue until eleven in the morning. As the day that will be used for the event, it has been determined that it will take place on Wednesday. Even if their presence is not technically needed, the presence of friends is extremely valued and welcomed.

The funeral services are planned to get underway at eleven in the morning, and the Reverend Jan Angle will serve as the minister in charge of officiating the funeral. She will preside over the rituals as the funeral officiating minister. When the funeral service is over, the burial will take place in the West View Cemetery in Radford, which is located nearby.


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