Orange High School Shooting, Several Shooting in Orange High School

Orange High School Shooting – Over one thousand students[3] from the northern part of Orange County, which also includes the northern half of Hillsborough and the entirety of the county north of Interstate 85, are educated at Orange High School. Until Cedar Ridge High School opened in 2002 and the OCS Online Academy debuted in 2021, it was the only high school in the district. Cedar Ridge High School opened in 2002.

Orange High School is a typical high school in that it serves students in ninth through twelfth grades and provides academic, extracurricular, professional and technical, and co-curricular possibilities. The North Carolina school has a total of 80 certified teachers working in the classrooms, four school counselors, 15 support and office staff members, two associate principals, one principal, and 13 instructors for students with special needs. Over half of the staff members have earned master’s degrees, including nine of the teachers who are National Board Certified Teachers .

It was reported in the spring of 2007 that Jeff Dishmon would not be returning to his job as principal of Orange High School for the 2007–2008 school year. Instead, he would be transferred to a position in the Central Office. After being appointed principal, Roy Winslow served in that capacity until January 2010, when it was disclosed that he would be transferring to a school located in Granville County.

In the absence of a permanent replacement, the role of interim principal has been given to Stephen Scroggs, who had previously served as an assistant superintendent for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. Armond Hankins, who served as an assistant principle, was chosen for the role and will begin his tenure as principal on July 1, 2010. In 2012, Hankins was demoted, and Jason Johnson, who had previously served as principal of Gravelly Hill Middle School, took over in his place.


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