Luke Schunk Obituary Salt Lake City, UT, Luke Schunk Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Luke Schunk Obituary, Death – Luke B. Schunk, our dear son, passed away on April 2nd, 2023 as a result of a relapse from his addiction. Luke was such a ray of sunshine in our lives as well as the lives of a great number of other people. He weighed 9 pounds, 3 ounces when he was born, and he continued to grow into a large adult. At the age of 2, he enjoyed reciting the names of the planets, picked up reading rather rapidly, and reminded the baby sitters that he and his brother needed to read before going to bed.

He was a brilliant student who cherished his time at school. He was recognized as a National Merit Scholar after receiving a plethora of awards throughout his time at Skyline. He received an academic scholarship to attend the University of Southern California, where he first majored in pop music before switching to neuroscience. After spending a year working in marketing, possibly motivated by Madmen, he enrolled at Devmountain to obtain training in coding and front end design.

After completing the program, he went on to teach at Devmountain. In the course of his career in technology, he has had positions at MX and Jane, and in the past three years he has settled into a comfortable routine at Everee. Luke was a seasoned musician who was proficient on the piano, upright bass, and electric bass. While he was a student at USC, he was a member of the band House Fire, which even performed at the Roxy in Hollywood. He was a huge music fan, and his musical preferences changed even more quickly than his design statements.

He spent his childhood playing tennis, skiing, taking to the sea like a natural swimmer, playing volleyball for fun, and going riding on ever-shifting sizes of skateboards. All of these activities kept him active. In the first place, Luke was a fantastic example of a human being. He appeared to have a rapport with each and every person. He was extremely charming while still managing to be honest and vulnerable in such a way that others felt secure approaching him and letting him into their lives. His vulnerability included admitting to having self-doubts, yet he owned all aspects of his appearance, including his wardrobe, nails, and tattoos. He made an effort to comprehend and be considerate to people who shared his environment.

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