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Charles White Obituary, Death –

Mr. White was worked by the ACC for a number of years, and during that time he held a number of different jobs within the organization. One of these roles was that of Vice President of the Northwest Region. The unfortunate news is that Mr. White passed away somewhere over the course of the Easter weekend somewhere in the world. The exact time and location of his passing are unknown at this time. During the course of this past weekend, we were made aware of this information.

The fact that Charlie was there at the festivities commemorating the 125th and 130th anniversaries of the Waterloo and Taunton Conservative Clubs, the awarding of the Sir Marcus Fox Club of the Year Award, and the ceremonial opening of the Ken Winstanley Conservative Club Building is significant. Bowling Pavilion is proof that Charlie was a strong supporter of the organization and contributed significantly to its success.

It is with great sadness that we must inform you of the demise of Mr. Charles White, who served as Vice President of the Northwest Region of the Association of Conservative Clubs (ACC). We are sorry to write to you with the news that he has passed away. At one point in time, Mr. White was considered a member of the Association of Conservative Clubs (ACC).  In addition, Charlie was present to accept an award on behalf of the club that was recognized for having the superior bowling pavilion. Charlie was gracious enough to invite a member of our club committee team to his club in order to host a recent meeting of the Northwest Advisory Council that was held in Merseyside. Merseyside served as the venue for the gathering.

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