Why Katherine Heigl Left Hollywood to Raise Her Children

Three individuals can be numerous. But, since Katherine Heigl had luck with children, that is her lucky number. In an exclusive interview with E, the Life as We Know It actor remarked, “Three is plenty.” “And I don’t think I can spread myself even thinner in this area.”

Let’s just say that when asked if she imagined herself having more children in the future, the mother of son Joshua, 6, daughter Naleigh, 14, and Adelaide, 10, responded with a resounding “hard no.” Heigl acknowledged that she had once felt “absolutely sure” that she wanted more kids, but that after being isolated during an epidemic a few years ago, she had changed her mind. I’m through.

We’ve just discussed the individuals she lives with so far, including her musician spouse of 15 years, Josh Kelley. “We absolutely need to avoid that,” the 44-year-old woman deadpanned, “because if I bring one more animal into this house, my husband will leave me and I’ll be alone with eight dogs, three cats, and three kids.”

I need the company and the help, she continued, chuckling. Heigl claimed that she does not know how she manages to do it all—be a wife and mother, an actor, rescue animals, and start her own dog food company, Badlands Ranch. at least not at the same time.

When she was in Vancouver filming the Netflix series Firefly Lane, her kids were at home in Utah going about their routine, and she described her approach to managing the many aspects of her life as “very much compartmentalizing.” She’s “hyper-focused” on the task at hand when she’s working away from home because she has to live with the fact that doing what she does for a living forces her to leave her family, she said, “I can’t just take them out of the school systems and put them in entirely other settings and environs.

You have to be able to let it go, Heigl continued, “I phone the kids probably two, three evenings a week. “I’m not FaceTiming every day—I’m at work, with poor mobile connection or terrible WiFi. She laughed, “I’m sure I’ll be paying for their counseling, as well as mine.”