Katy Perry Claims Orlando Bloom's "Pact" Made Her 5 Weeks Sober

This winter has generally been dry for Katy Perry. The American Idol judge asserts that in accordance with a contract she struck with Orlando Bloom, her partner of more than two years and the father of her daughter Daisy, who is two years old, she has cut back on her drinking. It hasn’t been easy either.

On March 27, the pop star told People, “I’ve been sober for five weeks now.” “I want to break the agreement I’ve had with my partner.” She made her comments while mingling with fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie at New York City’s Mister Paradise, but it doesn’t mean she wants to break the contract any time soon.

How long will the Pirates of the Caribbean actress Katy stay sober? “No, girl,” Katy forcefully refused the “Light It Up” singer’s joking that she was giving in. I can’t give in, she reportedly added, according to People. “I promised I would. for thirty days.”

The fact that Katy is a co-founder of the non-alcoholic aperitif company De Soi is a benefit. The singer has, however, previously cut back on drinking for a period. She underwent a three-month detoxification process during which she abstained from alcohol after divorcing Russell Brand in 2012.

You know, I tried a lot of different things, Katy commented on the 2013 Alan Carr: Chatty Man episode. I spent time with my closest friends, underwent a heartbreaking three-month alcohol-free cleanse, took vitamins and supplements, went on hikes, did meditation, and prayed.

In addition, Katy mentioned that she had stopped drinking in January of that year in an interview she gave in the middle of 2017 that was released ahead of the release of her album Witness. At the time, she said, “I feel incredibly empowered. I feel extremely liberated, freed from the conditioning of the beliefs I used to hold, freed from things that don’t benefit me spiritually, politically, sexually, etc.