Following Accident: Jeremy Renner Would "Do It Again" to Save Nephew

With his family, Jeremy Renner is openly discussing his distressing accident. Renner, who portrayed the Hawkeye athlete who was hospitalized after being run over by a snowplow almost three months ago, reflects on the tragedy in his first interview.

In a March 29 teaser for his upcoming interview with Diane Sawyer, the actor describes the physical suffering he endured during the New Year’s Day accident, adding that he was “awake for every moment.” The experience was dreadful, as well, according to Renner’s nephew.

Alexander, the actor’s nephew who is now an adult, said, “I really plainly imagine him in a pool of blood streaming from his skull.” “I didn’t think he was still alive, so I ran up to him.” Renner continued, “Because it was going directly towards my nephew,” adding that he would “do it again” in a heartbeat regardless of the outcome.

The Hurt Locker actor was carried beneath the machine as he attempted to stop the snowplow from sliding and hitting his nephew, according to a January incident report from the Nevada Sheriff’s department. The crash caused Renner to suffer a number of serious injuries, including, as Sawyer reported, eight broken ribs in fourteen different places, a collapsed lung, and numerous other broken bones. Renner asserted that after a little more than two weeks in critical care, he was released from the hospital on January 17.

The 52-year-old responded to Sawyer, “I chose to survive, and you’re not going to kill me, no way. Renner’s attitude toward performing stunts after his accident just served to emphasize how much of a genuine superhero he is. I’ve lost a lot of flesh and bone in this event,” he said. But, titanium and love have restored and replenished me. On April 6, ABC will air Renner’s whole interview in its entirety.